Thought Energy™

We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them
ENERGY AND MATTER MOVE… The question is, where are you moving it?

What is Energy? Science has already proven all physical reality is made up of Vibrational Energy. What is Thought Energy? Our thoughts are vibrations of energy as well, linking us to all of the invisible energy around us. Both of these findings are the platform of quantum physics. To understand your thoughts is to understand your reality. Everything in your life started as an idea. What a powerful shift your life will take once you understand the basic principles on how vibration is moldable, movable, and able to take form. You create exactly what you stare at! Oh… the beautiful complexity of what the power of the mind can do.

Thought in Motion introduces and teaches the concept of Thought Energy™. Thought Energy™ is used in every moment consciously or unconsciously to create your day, your week, your life. You can’t pick your friends, get up in the morning, choose what you are going to wear, design your house, choose a car, or go to where you want to go without a thought. Each action requires a thought in order to occur, and what you think is what you live. Thought energy accumulates, and will show up in your reality as a form or an experience. If you “invest” enough of your thoughts into a dream, or a fear, you will experience your investment. You will learn ways to slow down and become present in your thoughts and KNOW that each thought will manifest in your reality.

Have you ever slowed down enough to ask yourself, “How do I create a life that makes me happy?” Up until this moment, you have most likely been unconsciously creating your life. If you love your life, that’s incredible! If you have some things that could be better…. Your awareness of just that can make it better. From there, the question becomes, have you ever thought about what you think about? Well, let’s start off by saying, you are in the right place.

In order to become a conscious creator of your reality, you must first slow down and become familiar with your thoughts, your dreams, and your fears. Through your journey with us, you can find your hidden Energetic Blueprint. We will educate you on becoming familiar with your own inner guidance system, and understand how that very system is what projects your reality. What guides you within is connected to the physical direction that your life will take. If you can’t hear your inner guidance system, you could be choosing the wrong map to follow and find your life somewhere other than where you wanted to be. Thought in Motion helps you find YOUR right path based on your dreams and your choices.