About Jaye

About Jaye

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Hello, my name is Jaye, and I am the artist and founder of Thought in Motion. I created a company that Empowers others because, through my own experiences, I learned we aren’t always taught simple ways to manage our fears, thoughts, emotions, and obstacles. Let’s be real; emotions are such an intricate thing to manage.

The quest for a greater understanding of myself began at a young age. I was confused about certain areas of my life, and I wanted to understand why I felt unhappy with some things that I did, said, and felt. Why was I having these conflicting experiences? How do I change the reality I am living? I kept asking questions and searching for answers.

Then, when I was 16, I swore I heard an internal voice answer me. It didn’t matter whether it was my higher self or something bigger than what I could understand at that time; it didn’t matter. I listened to those words and saw new ideas. From there, I made different choices and watched my reality change. This led me on my own journey to understand my inner beliefs and uncover what truly makes me happy. This journey is one that I am consciously still on, with all of its twists and turns, obstacles, and profound lessons. What I learned is that healing does come from within. Our inner guidance is our internal navigational system, which possesses much grander answers than we know.

We come here to experience the game of free choice. We all go through different challenges and situations just to see if we can outgrow and overcome our inner fears. How we navigate these fears impacts how we feel and influences our outcomes. I learned to deliberately create by becoming accountable for my choices, actions, and thought processes. It feels very empowering, though it can be challenging.

Fast forward 30 years, and I am here to share my knowledge with you and help people answer the very same questions I asked myself. How do we navigate the highs and lows and create a life that mirrors what we absolutely love?

Let’s all go the distance, find your passion, go for what makes you happy, and begin to be present from within and not accept living without. I hope I rattle the cage that some of you live in. I was there; I realized it could be different and pushed myself toward everything I wanted to feel and create. I hope you get to know us, but most importantly, I hope you get to know yourself.

Kindest of Thoughts,