Jaye’s Story

Wow…what a journey life can be! Hello, my name is Jaye and I am the creator of Thought in Motion. I am not a writer; I need to start off with that. I wanted to be authentic and write from the heart; to design the company without hiring someone else to portray my vision. I would love for you to get to know me, who I am, and what I stand for through my own words. I encourage you to see and feel the company through the way the website is expressed, the experiences you will go through and learn the lessons that I’ve been taught.

Searching for more began at a young age for me. I was feeling discontent with my reality and started asking questions; why did I feel unhappy with some of the things I did, said and felt, why aren’t we taught a simple way to manage our fears, thoughts and obstacles? Then at age 17 I swore I heard a voice answer me. Whether I was really smart or that I heard something really smart; it didn’t matter. I listened to those words, followed my intuition, made different choices and watched my reality change. I went on a personal journey to really understand my inner-core, to discover who I was, and what truly makes me happy.


We all come here to experience the game of free choice. We all go through different challenges and situations just to see if we can outgrow and overcome our inner fears. I don’t know about you but I sure did create a lot of my own! I became accountable over my choices, actions and thought processes. It feels very empowering, though it’s not always easy.

Fast forward 30 years, I am here to share my knowledge with you and help people answer the very same questions I asked myself. How we are taught to navigate through the highs and lows of this game we call life is an integral part of the magic!

Let’s go the distance, find your passion, what makes you happy and live from within and not without. I hope I rattle the cage that some of you live in. I was there; I realized it wasn’t real and pushed myself forward towards everything I wanted to feel and create. I hope you get to know us, but more importantly I hope you get to know yourself.

The Company
After many years of practicing what I was intuitively taught, first with my own life then with my client’s lives; I found that helping to recreate lives with new and exciting results became the new standard.

In 2003, Thought In Motion was born, a system that is fun, exciting and results driven. Science and mind became my new classroom. A unique group of my students began to stand out with the same fundamental beliefs as me: loyalty, integrity, honor, unity, accuracy, accountability and protecting what you truly love. Whether they knew it or not it was inside all of them, and it didn’t take much time for us to all connect. Like energy attracts like energy, right?!

One of my biggest dreams came true; to bond with a group of individuals, who I refer to as “The Core”, to create something bigger than ourselves. A dream that one day they would become clear and confident enough in their inner knowing, that they could own the company with me.

I have always desired something much bigger than money or singular ownership. I have always believed in something much grander than standing alone at the top or standing alone in general. I stand for unity in a way that I will show you as we get to know each other better, something that I hope inspires you to grow more of and to bring into your inner beliefs.

You can have a business that is driven by people just like you, grounded in friendship far greater than money or fame, while staying true to ourselves and not letting our ego dominate and win. You can create what you love, all based on the choices that you place in every now. You are what you think, and you create based on those thoughts.
I hope that what has driven me will inspire you. You are so much more than what you believe…

Clearest of Thoughts-