“I’ve been a client, at least twice a week for 18 months.

I feel immense gratitude. Until now I was unable to write a testimonial, and think I just figured out why.

It has got to be the truth if I am going to write it, but I could not (still cannot) find accurate words to illuminate the authentic beauty that is the Thought In Motion community. I just realized something that’s very cool:

18 months ago it was a struggle to be in a social setting with more than one person at a time. Last night I gave a ten-minute speech, in honor of a dear friend, to a crowd of just over 400 people. People enjoyed the speech. My mouth was dry, but you couldn’t tell.”

Love, Respect, & Gratitude,

Sam Meltzer

“Well I have to say I think I was really meant to encounter all the wonderful people at Thought in Motion. I had heard about the place for a few weeks from several different people. My family had been going through some difficult times and I was on the search for something that could help empower my family. I had my son in the car and decided the best thing to do was just show up. That choice turned out to be the beginning of a life changing experience for my son and family, as soon as you enter Thought in Motion the energy you feel is contagious and overpowering in the very best way. Everyone there is caring and concerned and wanting to help you take control and empower yourself in this journey of life. I wish I were able to get there weekly like my son does. However my family does get the benefit of all the positive energy he brings home to us from Jaye’s classes. Thought in Motion brings a contagious good energy to anyone who enters the store. And that is something everyone needs in their life, I believe our children and ourselves can only benefit from all TIM has to offer. Then they can rid themselves of so many of the struggles we adults have had to endure because a wonderful place like TIM did not exist when we were kids”

– Maureen

“Thought in Motion has helped me with changes I’m making in my life to build a life I’m happy with. It’s not the only tool I’m using, but it was the tool that gave me the inspiration to be able to leave my home when I it would take me hours or sometimes I would never leave. In thought in motion I have found a family, support, and new friends. They help you not focus so much on the negative but you accept it happens and cut negative patterns out; bad things always happen but we cannot dwell in them. I have also learned to take things with slowly, pace my thoughts to help avoid being overwhelmed. I’m proud to say I will be facing my fears this summer. I’m excited and I can’t wait to see what other positive changes are coming my way and I’m glad I found them.”

– Sheila

“Soul transforming. Thought in Motion is reaching me to hone my energy, transform my thoughts, and create and live the life I want. From slowing down the mind and finding inner peace in meditation to expanding positive thought creation by breaking the chains on the mind and living limitless. Thought in Motion takes the body, mind, and soul on an amazing/awesome/unforgettable journey. ”

– Mara

“My experience at Thought in Motion with Karina and Jaye during the brief (but powerful) time I visited and attended their classes is far beyond anything I have envisioned for my self-growth. The generous and kindred spirits, Jaye and Karina have taught me to consciously redirect my thoughts to a higher place. For this I am infinitely grateful.”

– AnaCecilia

“I remember walking into Thought in Motion a year ago feeling so out of touch and not knowing what I needed in my life, or what to do first. I cried and cried as I met and spoke to Sandy, Karina and Jaye. I received instant comfort and was welcomed with such love. Today, through all the teachings, one on one coaching with Sandy, attending weekly classes and speaking with Jaye, I have experienced a transformation in my life. The teachings made me really look at myself to the core and see myself, not just as others see me, but how I want to see myself. I learned to stop sabotaging my life with negative thoughts and energy and focus on what I truly want. From career, relationships, health, all areas of my life, I can create the life I want vs allowing it to be created for me. I have never been more at peace in my entire life and excited to live my life.
I am forever grateful to Thought in Motion. ”

– Mary Jane, West Orange, NJ

“When I started working with Jaye, my life was upside down. For many reasons that seemed to escape me. Within a couple of weeks, it was like someone took a blindfold off of my eyes. I started seeing what ‘I’ had to do with my life being upside down. That has changed everything, she gets it…& she has “it”, whatever ‘it’ is… ”
Much Love and Much Appreciation.

– Kim B., CT

“I am beyond grateful to have discovered Thought In Motion. It has been no less than a life changing experience! The coaches and members there have been incredibly insightful in helping me determine and remain focused on my life’s purpose and heart’s desires. “Thought Coach” is a perfect title for these light-workers as they are capable of pinpointing which thoughts have been keeping you stagnant, then give you the tools to shift them so you can break through to the next level. This is a place where paradigms change and self-directed manifestation begins. I highly recommend doing the one-on-one coaching in tandem with the weekly classes too so you stay focused on creating the destiny you really want… it happens really fast so be ready!

Sandy Klein has been a source of positivity, guidance and support for me since she began as my Thought Coach several months ago. The deep, personalized sessions have allowed me to break through many blocks that were plaguing me for years of my life. In the past, I tried several other approaches on my own to change my thoughts, but I now realize I required direct interaction with a trained coach of her caliber. She is amazing at listening and providing non-judgmental feedback at just the right moment to keep me on the path to conscious thought-driven manifestation. It is no coincidence that so many AMAZING things have come into my life since I started with her… I am so grateful to have randomly stumbled across her card one fateful day!”
Beyond Grateful

– Kristin Callaway

“Working with the crew at Thought in Motion was such an amazing experience for me. Through one on one sessions, thought energy classes, and Wednesday and Friday visits to the studio, they were able to help completely change the way I think and view life. By educating me on the power of my thoughts and how they affect my everyday life, I was able to push everything negative out of my life allowing me to achieve my personal and professional goals at a much more rapid pace. I feel more confident in myself because of the help of the Thought in Motion Team. I have been able to overcome my fears and insecurities and really enjoy everything and everyone in my life! Thank you TIM Team!”

– Jen V., Tampa, FL

“Raised in a negative and turbulent environment, I craved happiness, desirous of a half-full life. I worked at embracing the positive but like many; I needed help. I entered traditional therapy, years with a multitude of therapists. I’ve been on more sofas than an avid couch potato football fan. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, I’ve seen everyone but Freud. I saw little to no return in the form of progress. I considered it bartender therapy, sans liquor. Each session, I’d retell my issues, receiving no guidance, no pathway. Serious physical illness set in, followed by unemployment, emotional and financial abuse, I was alone, too poor to see sliding scale therapists and too tired to make it through another forty-five minute hour, even if financially doable. Throngs of people were reading The Secret and chatter about its life-changing properties filled the airwaves. But when I looked closely, I saw that those so quickly enamored with the concept didn’t seem any happier or transformed by the last page than they were at the first. A lifelong agnostic, I couldn’t buy a theory when positive results weren’t visible. The only secret I bought was Victoria’s. Over time The Secret followers diminished, the once upon a page believers abandoned its precepts and a new self-help flavor of the moment arrived but I still wasn’t buying. My troubles multiplied, with worsening illness and intensified heartbreak. When I hit rock bottom, Sandy came into my life, introducing me to Thought in Motion. At first I rejected the concept, thinking it was another “get emotionally healthy quick scheme”, a secret without pages or a binding. I was wrong. I walked into a relaxing wonderland of care and hope. The atmosphere was uplifting, beautiful and peaceful, the perfect entrée into the power of thought. Instead of the gripe group doctor-led sessions I had previously attended, the TIM session was uplifting, with people expressing how the power of thought transformed their big picture as well as their day-to-day thinking. I wasn’t completely onboard but private sessions with Sandy gradually led me to understand the power of thought, the GPS system of our lives. Similar to The Secret, yes, but Sandy’s core of kindness, understanding, compassion and non-judgment are empowering and helpful qualities that I couldn’t find in a book or on a sofa. Sandy offered what had been missing from my previous therapeutic experiences. I realized I have options, I control my own life and that others shouldn’t – it’s my life to live, my way. When I find myself slipping, Sandy brings me back. Her patience and acceptance of my initial skepticism has taken me to a positive place. Someone less dedicated than Sandy would have given up on me. Sandy won’t give up, it’s not her way. Through Sandy, I’ve learned that via thought and energy, I can transform into a positive, successful, confident person, once more. Without ego, I pay more attention to me, still caring for others but not abandoning myself. Since meeting with Sandy, I’ve experienced life altering revelations and realize the importance of how I choose to act and how I choose to think. These discoveries have had an enormous, positive and powerful impact on my life. I am creating the life I want. The journey I am on is mine, the direction I take is up to me and my destiny is of my own choosing.”

– Diane, West New York, NJ

“From the minute I walked into Thought in Motion I knew it was a special place. One cannot help but feel the positive energy that flows from each coach and throughout the entire space at Thought in Motion. I am grateful to Thought Coach Sandy Klein for introducing me to Jaye and the other spirited coaches who embrace everyone with a warm smile and hug. I recently participated in a “Creating with Thought Energy” class led by Karina and it was a wonderfully powerful learning experience. I look forward to continuing on this journey of using thought energy to create everything I want in life.
Thank you Thought in Motion.”

– Diana St. Lifer, NJ

“Jaye Regincos, Energetic Coach, A Master and My Teacher.
Jaye taught me, by being a living example on how to move energy, how to use it in all ways possible, to provide healing, well-being, and Joy to all that are open to receiving it. My feelings of gratitude are beyond description for the ordinary mind to comprehend. Her Mastery, Integrity, and Humility are to learn from and follow.

She has taught me that WE ALL can become our highest and grandest vision and that we can create beauty and true happiness in our lives.

This is the incredible gift that she has given me.”

I am forever grateful.

– Karina Puschel, NJ

“There is so much I want to tell you about Jaye, and how she has changed my life. She is a gift, to guide all people to achieve their dreams and desires, and to believe in themselves. That is what she has done for me. She is my mentor and teacher and always will be.

I have learned to listen, and stay in the NOW!

I have found the home in my heart that I have been searching for such a long time. Thank you my dear Jaye, I couldn’t have created this without you.”

I love you.

– Angela Grisham, NJ

“My experience at Thought In Motion has been amazing, my gauge being how I feel , my pain level, my energy level, my emotional state and my spiritual well being. All of these areas that make up me have improved beyond my expectations. In 8 visits I have my life back. I have hope. I am 95% pain free, I am eating without pain which I have lived with for 40 years. These are quite amazing shifts and I owe it all to Thought In Motion, to Karina and Jaye. They are great facilitators and coaches to change our thought process. The Thought In Motion studio itself is very peaceful, calm, healing, thought proving, warm and loving. Everyone I have ever met there has been very warm and caring. The energy at TIM studio always makes me feel very accepted, cared for and loved. Karina’s gift of removing old blocks and shifting energy has done more for me in 5 visits than the last 6 years of conventional therapy. I was searching for the answer to remove these emotional blocks which cause physical illness and pain and Karina came into my life. When the student is ready the teacher appears. My first session with Karina was very effective. I could feel and hear the energy moving in my body. After that session my body purged, I got sick, I knew it was working. Karina and Jaye taught me conscious thinking and have given me the tools to help heal myself – the power of thought, the power of connecting the dots, the power of words, the power of creating. I could see my life changing. Then I met Jaye, Karina’s mentor. Jaye is pure peace, serenity and love. In 3 visits Jaye has expanded on what Karina had taught me and she did her own clearing helping me to create the life I want. And I am creating. Since I have been seeing Karina and Jaye I have my zest back for life. I am almost pain free and I have hope for a pain free healthy, vibrant, beautiful, abundant life. I do my work, Karina and Jaye do their work and together energy moves, thoughts change and shifts are made. Lives are healed and changed and transformed into whole beings again!!! What a beautiful thing to be a part of. I am very thankful for Karina and Jaye’s gifts that they have so lovingly shared with me.”
Peace & Blessings

– Kathleen Manning , NJ

“Thought in Motion gives you the keys of learning how to free and activate the mind in order to create what you want for your life in an innovative yet ancient way! Thought in Motion shined a light on the lost person that I was helping me find a path of enlightenment. I clearly started to see the world for what it is, becoming a better person in the process and still growing to become who I am meant to be. In addition, I found an immense respect for everyone at work and a love for my job I didn’t feel before, actually waking up and looking forward to my workday and creating an even better one. In conclusion, I know that these changes in my perspectives and feelings toward life are due to the guidance of Thought in Motion’s Thought Coaches.”
Forever Grateful.

– Chris Gregory, NJ

“I believe that God created Spiritual Guides for human beings to rely on. Someone to learn from, someone whose capacity to love and hold the space far beyond what normal human expectations are. I believe that Jaye Regincos is one of those Spiritual Guides, and a major blessing to my life.

I am eternally grateful, because she has taught me to think differently, and understand just how powerful my own thoughts really are. I have never come across such an amazing teacher. Jaye is a warm, loving, and a caring soul. She reminded me of what I have forgotten, to dream, be conscious and actively create my life. I can’t thank her enough, she has shown me how to TRULY SEE.”

– Franci Shafer, NJ

“When a heart lives without music for so long, how do you make it dance? When I walked through the door of Thought in Motion, I was a broken soul. My heart was filled with sadness, anger and fear. It seemed as if life had gotten to me and unplugged the music. What stood on the other side of the door was a bright light of love, compassion and truth. All I needed to do was walk through. That bright light was The Energetic Thought Coach and Visionary Jaye Regincos.

Jaye, along with her team of coaches at Thought in Motion, led me to embark on an amazing journey. I was taught that I could change my life for the better, simply by changing my thoughts. That if I could choose the positive thought in each situation, I could consciously create a life I love beyond my wildest dreams. It’s very clear to me that every aspect of my life has dramatically improved since this journey began and my life has never been better. I am now filled with happiness, joy and faith. A gift was given to me by life….a gift of the song…..that will forever make my heart dance with joy.”
Eternally Grateful

– George Garcia, NJ

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