/ ī-kon-ol′o-ji / noun
1. The use of a physical icon to create thought to form.
2. The study of visual imagery and its symbolism and interpretation.
3. The harnessing and directing of thought energy to manifest dreams or desires when working with a focus tool.

Thought in Motion provides a virtual reminder that comes into your email three times per week to help you to become present, to look at things with a new perspective, or to introduce you to a new vibration through recommended music. ICONology is a basic introduction to the idea of how Thought becomes Form and over time you will become familiar with the concepts and formulas of how to consciously create your reality.

Each message contains an image designed by Jaye, the founder of Thought in Motion, and is designed with specific intentions that correlate with the content of each email you read. When you come into our physical location, you can learn more of how to use specific icons that will help you create your desired outcome. 

Learn what it means to be a living superhero, learn what good looks like, learn some ideas to become the best and highest version of yourself. Become empowered by the thoughts you think, and learn to use them wisely. 

This is your game. Play.