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    The Other Side of Tap and Bottled Water

    Even with the strict regulations in the U.S to ensure that tap water is safe and clean, the water can still get contaminated.

    If the contamination doesn’t occur in the treatment plant, it may happen as the water is being carried through the pipes to you.

    Pipe breakage often due to the age of the pipes is one of the major causes of water contamination. Contaminants including chemicals and germs may pass through the breaks and contaminate the water before it gets to you.

    Bottled water is no better…

    Bottled water may just be tap water that’s bottled. Even if they are filtered, what can you say about the filtration process?

    Bottled water also contains microplastics which have negative effects on our immunity and overall health.

    What Makes Our Water Different ?

    We use a unique 11-step process that includes a five-step purification stage, followed by mineralization, Shungite, crystals, vibrational attunement, restructuring and UV sterilization.

    Our water is not only 99.7% free from germs, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals but also our water is free of negative energy and is charged with positive intentions. 



    Five of our eleven steps are used to clean the water to get it back to neutral. We use different carbon filters, micro-screens, and a UV filter to remove unwanted contaminates. We chose this long route because R.O. filters are at best 25% efficient. Zero waste is our goal.



    We then mineralize our clean water with only natural rocks from the Earth. We replenish it with a combination of two filters of volcanic rock and other stones that add in essential minerals for water absorption. No chemical additives here!


    Using Shungite puts our water into a new class of quality that you will feel. The incredible benefits of Shungite add antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, & other healthy properties. It also transmutes any negative energy the water held on its journey to us.


    After being revitalized, we use a blend of crystals to raise the frequency of our water. Higher vibe water is essential for raising the frequency of every cell in your body, which in turn leads to the ability to manifest better overall health.


    Every drop of our water is charged with the highest of intentions. Since water holds the information from the vibration or frequency around it, we add positive words and charged stones as an integral part of the process that leaves you feeling the difference.



    Yes, you get access to one 5-gallon refill every day.
    Yes, you can cancel anytime. But, you still get access to the daily refill for the remaining days
    No. Come with your bottle. No bottle, no problem. Get one at a discount when you come for your first fill
    Yes, they are BPA-free.
    No. crystals and natural stones such as Shungite have no proven negative effects on the body. Instead, they supply numerous health benefits to the body.