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What is Shungite?

Full of fullerenes

Shungite is a very old (2 billion years!) and rare mineral with a very unique composition containing molecules of carbon called fullerenes. This is the only known stone on earth to naturally contain this chemical makeup. “Buckyballs” as they are called, are responsible for shungite’s high carbon count (sometimes up to 98%) as well as the incredible antioxidant and transmutative properties it holds. The benefits include transmuting harmful EMF’s, shielding cells from the effect of free radicals, increasing physical and mental balance, boosting energy levels, and detoxifying the body and mind among other physical and non-physical benefits.

This unique structure gives it extraordinary healing properties when placed in water. Since water is essentially a liquid crystal and holds information in the form of vibrational frequencies, the crystalline makeup of shungite can add some powerful healing properties to it. Keep reading below to find out more about the power of shungite water and a more in-depth description of all the benefits of this amazing stone.

Raw vs. Elite


Contains 30-50% carbon content and is more accessible than elite. Any items carved into shapes are made of black shungite because it is the stronger of two stones. The ability to carve this into different shapes provides the advantage of allowing different properties depending on what purpose you are using your shungite for. These different shapes, such as pyramids, spheres, cubes and more, carry a different radius of effectiveness. Keep reading to learn more about the shapes and radius!


Elite shungite contains a 90-98% carbon content. It is manually mined by hand because of its delicate structure, making this much rarer and exclusive. The ultra high carbon count gives this type of shungite very powerful healing and antioxidant properties. Since it has a very delicate structure, mainly rough or raw pieces of elite shungite are more common to find because polishing or shaping the stone could be very difficult. Keep reading to discover the healing properties of shungite!

What are the benefits?

The healing stone

Shungite is known for its many physical and spiritual healing properties. For your physical body, it acts as a very powerful anti-oxidant because of the vibration carried in the carbon fullerenes in its composition. This helps boost your immune system to fight any free radicals in your body. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory effects, help with digestion, sooth stress, heal skin diseases, regulate blood pressure and circulation, and some even claim it aids in clearing cancer. The benefits can be felt by wearing or carrying it, meditating with it, drinking infused water, bathing in healing shungite water, or keeping it in your home to clear your personal environment among others.

Due to its composition, shungite is a transmutative stone and aids in clearing negative energy in its radius. In doing this, it especially helps to balance the root chakra. This stone is widely used in grounding techniques as it transmutes anything negative in your field into a positive. This is also the reason many people use shungite as part of their meditation practice.​

Pairing shungite with water activates some almost magical properties. There are countless stories of people healing many different ailments by making and drinking shungite water, and soaking in shungite baths. Keep reading below to learn how to make shungite water to start feeling the benefits right now!

Another major benefit of shungite is its ability to transmute harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). We are constantly being barraged with EMF from our electronics such as cell phones, wearable electronics, routers, TVs, laptops and computers, and any other wifi or bluetooth devices. Keep reading below to see how to easily counteract this type of radiation with shungite.

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