It was wonderful to get to know each and every one of you! What a magical weekend it was with YPO in Lost Pines! I saw so many solutions and incredibly powerful answers in every magical soul that was there. 

Here is the attribute video to remind you how important your attribute deck is.


A Choice, is a Choice, is a Choice, is a Choice!
Those choices will define who you are!

We are presented with choices in every single moment. Are you present over how many you make in a day? And are they the correct ones?

The answer is quite simple… How do you feel? If you feel good, you made the correct choice. If you feel badly, or you keep re-evaluating your decision, then ask yourself what is the reason, and how do you make it better? Listen to your emotions. In doing this, you are slowing down and becoming more familiar with your unique and internal guidance system. From this place, your soul and individual skillsets will advance in the directions that you focus on. 


Mapping out your life is going a level deeper into understanding how you are creating what you experience. The process of mapping out your thoughts assists you in following your internal rhythms and patterns, as well as identifying your fear points. This awareness will show you potholes so that you can fill them with positive ideas, and create new patterns of thoughts with clear, focused solutions.

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Many beautiful thoughts, 

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