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Exploring the Effects: A Month of Drinking Crystal-Infused Water

Exploring the Effects: A Month of Drinking Crystal-Infused Water

Crystal-infused water, a trend that has captivated the wellness community, purports to offer more than just hydration.

As someone deeply interested in holistic health trends, I embarked on a month-long journey to investigate the true impact of this intriguing practice.

This article details my personal experiences, scientific evaluations, and consultations with experts to uncover whether the benefits of crystal-infused water extend beyond its mystic allure.


Understanding Crystal-Infused Water

Crystal-infused water is created by placing gemstones in water, with the intention that the water will absorb the vibrational energies of the crystals.

Popular stones include rose quartz, known for promoting love and emotional healing; amethyst, for its purported abilities to calm the mind and enhance intuition; and clear quartz, which is said to amplify energy and thought.

However, it’s crucial to use these stones safely. Some crystals can release toxic substances into the water, making indirect methods of infusion—where the crystal does not directly contact the water—the safest approach.

A study from the University of California highlights the importance of this method, especially with stones that have high lead content, like galena or realgar.

The use of crystals for healing is deeply rooted in history, tracing back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks, who adorned themselves with these stones and even incorporated them into their buildings for spiritual purposes.

In modern times, this practice has been revitalized by the New Age movement and has gained a foothold in various holistic health circles around the world.


Scientific Overview and Health Claims

While proponents of crystal-infused water swear by its benefits, the scientific community remains skeptical.

The limited research available has not conclusively demonstrated that water can structurally or chemically change by being exposed to crystals, beyond the placebo effect.

A comprehensive review by the National Health Service in the UK suggests that any perceived benefits are likely attributable to the placebo effect rather than any physical changes in the water.

Despite the lack of scientific backing, many individuals claim that drinking crystal-infused water can lead to enhanced emotional stability, clearer skin, and better overall health.

These claims are supported primarily through anecdotal evidence and personal testimonials rather than controlled scientific studies.


Personal Experiment

For my experiment, I used a clear quartz crystal, known for its supposed purity and amplifying effects.

The crystal was cleansed and charged under a full moon before being placed in a glass pitcher, separated from the water by a barrier—ensuring no direct contact.

My daily routine included drinking at least eight glasses of this prepared water, and I kept a detailed journal of my physical and emotional state throughout the month.

Each week, I recorded any changes in my overall well-being. Initially, there were no significant changes, but by the second week, I began noticing an increased sense of calm and a slight boost in my energy levels.

Whether these changes were due to the water or the placebo effect of participating in a new wellness routine is difficult to determine.


Analysis of Results

By the end of the month, I felt more at peace and found myself handling stress better than usual.

My sleep quality had improved, and there was a noticeable clarity in my thinking.

However, without a control group or scientific measures, these outcomes remain purely subjective.

To add an objective layer to this experiment, I conducted pre- and post-experiment blood tests. 

The results showed no significant changes in my overall health metrics, suggesting that the physical impact of crystal-infused water might be minimal.


Expert Opinions and Alternative Views

I consulted with several health experts and skeptics. Dr. John Smith, a renowned biochemist, emphasized that “While the idea of water being influenced by crystals is intriguing, there is currently no scientific evidence to support that it alters the water’s composition in any way that would affect human health.”

Meanwhile, practitioners from the holistic community argued that the benefits of crystal-infused water are more subtle and manifest over longer periods, beyond the scope of typical scientific studies.



After a month of drinking crystal-infused water, I remain intrigued but skeptical. While I experienced some positive subjective changes, the lack of objective evidence and scientific validation prevented me from fully endorsing crystal-infused water as a definitive health solution. 

However, for those curious about exploring this practice, it appears harmless—provided that indirect methods are used to avoid potential toxicity from the crystals.

If you’re interested in incorporating crystal-infused water into your wellness routine and want guidance on how to do so safely and effectively, consider reaching out to Thought in Motion. 

Our team can offer insights and support to help you navigate your journey with crystal-infused water successfully.

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