Thought in Motion partners with you wherever you are… when you feel motivated and inspired to leap to the next level or you feel alone and sad and just want understanding. Through your phone, tablet, or your computer… we inspire you to uncover your inner guidance system, and remind you that you aren’t alone on your inner journey. A place where you can create and learn how to use thought energy through all unique experiences and lessons. Our goal is to educate you on how to change your life in a simple, attainable way. Experience Empower U or visit one of our physical locations, and you might just find all the answers that you have been searching for.

Are you looking to create Love and Connection? Be Healthy and Balanced? Have a dream Career and Success? Come and play the game at another level by taking accountability over your choices, actions, and projections which all equate to the reality you live. Learn how to design the life that YOU love. The “game” we refer to is the Game of Life. The funny thing is, you have been playing all along. Unconscious thinking and conscious thinking, regardless, still creates your reality. Learn how to consciously create your life for you, and make choices that will bring you the results that you desire.

Begin your journey with Empower U, our online education and experience, and discover how to become the highest version of yourself. Becoming a member of Empower U will grant you access to weekly lessons, beautiful daily reminders to aid you on your journey, connect you to a like-minded global community, introduce you to a whole new way to hear music and vibration, and assist you on becoming an expert on the most important thing in your life, you. We hope you join us and become a living result as the most authentic, true version of yourself. Enjoy the ride….