Thinking about what has always been, just keeps creating what has always been. When is time for a new path, a new view, and a new perspective? How about right Now? When we keep applying old formulas to new moments, our internal barometer alerts us over which ones aren’t working for us anymore. Challenges and hurdles will show up in life. Managing our emotions and understanding how to correctly navigate them is important. Creating a life that we love is our only objective, that is why we come here.

Thought in Motion was created to assist you with a fun and result-driven process. We offer three different paths. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful, COME PLAY!



Option 1: 

Life has rules.

Life’s Operating Manual

A Self-Guided Journal to begin your journey, and 




Option 2: 

Life’s Operating Manual, a Trained Thought Coach 





Option 3: 

Get Certified


Level One Certification, 

Life’s Operating Manual 

& Your Journey with a trained Thought Coach





A Choice, is a Choice, is a Choice, is a Choice!
Those choices will define who you are!

We are presented with choices in every single moment. Are you present over how many you make in a day? And are they the correct ones?

The answer is quite simple… How do you feel? If you feel good, you made the correct choice. If you feel badly, or you keep re-evaluating your decision, then ask yourself what is the reason, and how do you make it better? Listen to your emotions. In doing this, you are slowing down and becoming more familiar with your unique and internal guidance system. From this place, your soul and individual skillsets will advance in the directions that you focus on.