Crystal Infused Water Sweepstakes

Win Unlimited Crystal-Infused Water For 2 Years


Sweepstakes Rules

  • Only one entry per person
  • Only one winner per household
  • Monthly Refill contest limited to one bottle refill per day.
  • Yearly contest is for 5 gallon refills. Must use our bottle. Sweepstake includes one five gallon bottle refill per day. If you would like to purchase additional bottles, you may at a 15% discount.
  • Only valid at Thought in Motion Waterbar Montclair, 127 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ.

Why Crystal Charged?


Water holds memory. What does that mean? Everything in our universe is comprised of expressions of energy at different frequencies, or vibrations. Words, songs, thoughts, intentions all carry a signature on a spectrum that can be measured. Water has an amazing ability to retain, or ‘memorize,’ the signature it is near. It is just like a liquid crystal. You can probably imagine how important it is to change this frequency to serve your body before you consume it!

To take it a step further, every cell in your body has water in it. If your thoughts and intentions affect the vibration of water, then the narrative of your self-talk is so important! You may have heard that thoughts can heal the body – this is the medium in which this occurs!

Since crystals retain and represent certain frequencies, the crystals in our filtration system are constantly charged with only the highest vibe energies. This ensures that every gallon, coffee, elixir, and more are filled with loving intentions that you can feel when you drink it.

What Is Crystal Charged Water?



Five of our nine steps are used to clean the water to get it back to neutral. We use different carbon filters, micro-screens, and a UV filter to remove unwanted contaminates. We chose this long route because R.O. filters are at best 25% efficient. Zero waste is our goal.


We then mineralize our clean water with only natural rocks from the Earth. We replenish it with a combination of two filters of volcanic rock and other stones that add in essential minerals for water absorption. No chemical additives here!


Using Shungite puts our water into a new class of quality that you will feel. The incredible benefits of Shungite add antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, & other healthy properties. It also transmutes any negative energy the water held on its journey to us.


After being revitalized, we use a blend of crystals to raise the frequency of our water. Higher vibe water is essential for raising the frequency of every cell in your body, which in turn leads to the ability to manifest better overall health.


Every drop of our water is charged with the highest of intentions. Since water holds the information from the vibration or frequency around it, we add positive words and charged stones as an integral part of the process that leaves you feeling the difference.
We are currently closing at 5 pm due to COVID restrictions. Once things lighten up, we will extend our hours !