Thought in Motion Certification

Thought in Motion Empowered Certification is a series of simple yet advanced lessons that will change how you live and see your reality. It is a system of formulas that offers a different way of seeing the world of energy. 

Thought in Motion teaches how matter really matters. E=mc² is Energy in Motion; how we direct it is through our internal compass, our emotions. We will teach you how to understand and Map-out your soul and Empower you to understand how it works internally, so you can heal old wounds and create from a new vibrational perspective. Awareness is a personal choice. We become more aware of it with practice, allowing our hearts to win rather than our fears. This sounds easier said than is actually done. We will show you a system that will cut out segments and advance you in many ways. Learn the game and play consciously in it. 

In our immersive 10-week in-person or virtual education experience, learn Thought in Motion’s signature lessons that you can live in your own life and bring to your business, clients, or the people around you.  Begin with Empowered Level One, where you will learn how to do the work on yourself first before you learn to help others. 

Please email us to schedule a call to see if Thought in Motion Empowered Certification is a fit for you. 

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