Thought in Motion Evening Experience


Every one of us has an inner map that is leading us to a destination. Sometimes this destination is reflecting what you dream of, and sometimes it is reflecting what you fear. By uncovering who you are and what you truly believe, you can consciously choose the direction you want to go.

We empower you through different experiences and classes to uncover the highest version of yourself. We help you understand how your choices create your life, even in places that didn’t seem obvious before.

Our Experiences are designed to be easy, accessible, affordable, and fun so you can achieve a result in an area of your life that is important to YOU. 

   This is your game; we understand the rules, we can show you how to play, it’s up to YOU to win.

  • Valet Parking Included
  • Interactive Experience begins at 7 pm
  • Arrive at 6:15 for a meet & greet and refreshments
  • Limited Edition Icons and Artwork by Jaye will be available 
  • Our Creation Video will be played
  • Icons and Lessons Included
  • This venue has incredible sound, and we will play a song or two to create. If you choose, you can stand up and put your Thought into Motion!
  • Event Cost is $88