Introducing Paper Plane Coffee!

We are excited to announce that we are now serving Paper Plane Coffee Co. of Montclair here at the Waterbar! We had the pleasure of meeting the owner, John, and by listening to his story and tasting how incredible the coffee was, we couldn’t wait to offer it here.

From Paper Plane’s own story, “Approximately 150 years ago, high up in the Colombian Mountains, just below the Paper Plains, our story began. Paper Plane Coffee Co. was started in 2015. We are proud to bring you our family legacy in the form of freshly roasted coffee. The name Paper Plane is a play on words, coined from our secondary farm higher in the plains of the mountain where eucalyptus is grown for the national paper company. Thus, making them the Paper Plains.
With a focus on specialty coffee, our goal is to blend traditional values with third-wave concepts, while maintaining fair green coffee purchasing and eco-friendly practices.”
We support local businesses and especially love those with the same vibe. By offering incredible coffee from a great brand, we knew adding our very own crystal-infused water would be the perfect foundation for every cup of brewed coffee. Please stop by and taste it for yourself!