New Fall Elixir Menu!

Elixir Menu

We are so excited to announce our new fall menu of Elixirs! Come in and try one!

All of our elixirs contain natural ingredients free of dyes and additives. Our new menu includes:


  • CINNAMON APPLE BEET: Antibacterial, antiviral, energy-boosting
  • ORANGE ROSEMARY VANILLA: Supports gut health, repairs body
  • PINEAPPLE GINGER TURMERIC: Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying
  • CUCUMBER CHLOROPHYLL MINT: Oxygenating, Improve blood cells
  • BLUEBERRY LAVENDER BLUE MAJIK: Reduce stress and anxiety, support brain and cardiovascular health
  • CITRUS ROSE BUTTERFLY PEA TEA: Antioxidant-rich, stress-reducing, brain support.
  • ELDERBERRY ROSE CRANBERRY CITRUS: Superfood elixir, antioxidant-rich