💧Join our Monthly Unlimited Crystal Infused Water Program! 💧

Unlimited Monthly Water Refill Program!


We are excited to offer three different unlimited monthly water programs to fit you and your family’s water needs! Finally, you can enjoy Thought in Motion Waterbar crystal-infused water right at home. We have Three nand Five-gallon refills.

Purchase one of our programs listed below and you can fill your bottles as many times as you wish during the month. Truly unlimited!

Our New Subscription Programs:

💧 Three Gallon $24.99
💧 Five Gallon $44.99

We also have different options of bottles and accessories for purchase. We offer glass, BPA-free plastic, water carriers, caps, dispensers, and more! We offer a designated parking space for refills in the back of our location so you don’t have to drive around Montclair searching for a spot.

We use our water as the base of all of our coffees, cappuccinos, and elixirs. You can use Thought in Motion Crystal Infused water for everything at home too! You can purchase our unlimited monthly program here: Monthly Water Program – Thought In Motion

*Purchase an unlimited program on our website and you can cancel online at any time. Not sure which program to buy or need more information? Check out our FAQs here.