Reiki and Sound Bowl Healing Experience at the Waterbar

Reiki & Sound Bowl Healing Experience
with Liza Torres & Tori Karach
Tuesday, May 14th
at The Waterbar
Cost : $55
Join us for this special healing experience. Liza and Tori will be teaming up for this perfect combination of sound bowls and Reiki. In this event, every person will be given individual Reiki healing while bathed in vibrational sounds.
Reiki is used as a healing technique involving gentle hand movements to guide the flow of energy, while sound bowls harness the power of sound vibration. Both are known to promote relaxation, helping reduce stress and anxiety, and improving the flow and balance of energy to support healing.
There is a maximum of 15 students to ensure individual Reiki time. Please book early as our last event sold out quickly.
There will be a NO REFUND policy if you cancel less than 48 hours before the event due to the limited number of spots. 

About Tori:

Tori is a passionate Reiki practitioner who has studied and practiced chakra healing and energy work for 7 years. She uses her knowledge of chakras, energy meridians, and pressure points to help move Ki (reiki energy). 

Tori Naumov: @tori_lori_

About Liza:

Linking mind & body through movement is a great joy. Liza teaches with passion, though it wasn’t until an immersion in ‘classical sound’ that she felt a deeper connection. Creating intentional sound has become a staple in her life after seeing how vibration is yoked to everything in our lives, transferring its energy to all who need it.