How to Energetically Charge Your Water

Every beverage is prepared with our crystal-infused, high-vibe water. What you get out of it is what you put into it. What do we mean by that?

At a young age, Jaye was taught by her guides that water holds a vibration. Years later, she learned Dr. Masaru Emoto scientifically documented it in his books “The True Power of Water” and “Messages from Water.” When you come to the Waterbar, we have a fun experience that shows you how to consciously charge every cup of coffee, tea, water, and elixir with the energy, idea, or feeling you want to add to your life.

Einstein proved that energy is in motion, and energy does what you tell it to do. You can charge anything that you put into the body. It goes with the same premise that what you think, you create. By consciously “telling” your food or drink to become the energy you want, you can change many things. For example, if you would like to improve your health, a positive energy to add would be “I AM HEALTHY.” You add the energy in by feeling what I AM HEALTHY feels like to you, whether in your mind’s eye or a feeling, see that energy going into the water. Then, when you drink the water/coffee/tea/elixir, you are adding that energy into your body.

In life, you will find that one thing leads to another, and that’s the beautiful thing about coffee… it can lead you to a new idea. When you are enjoying what you love, whether with friends, or the quiet of your own mind, you have an incredible foundation in which to begin.

Come in and experience your own charged beverage and put your best Thought(s) In Motion!